Alliance is an Applicator, Dealer and Sales Representative for Crossco Paints and Roof Coatings

Crossco is a 40 year old family owned company that manufactures a line of superior interior/exterior paints and roof coatings from facilities in the United States, Caribbean, Central and South America.  Alliance is pleased to join Crossco Paints and Roof Coatings to offer a superior line of products that are affordably priced and manufactured to last in the toughest of environments. We are a one stop shop offering complete turnkey service to save you money. Our materials are wholesale priced and our warranties cover both labor and materials. You just can't get all of this anywhere else.  


Our Crossco product line includes lifetime exterior paints, eco-friendly interior paints and roof coatings that can be sold to the general public with warehouse direct shipping. We work with general contractors, facility managers, building engineers, real estate companies and property owners to help solve your painting and roof coating needs. Ask about our full line of residential/commercial paints and roof coatings. 

This commercial metal roof was sealed using Crossco Roof Coatings Ultra Seal Premium Elastomeric Coating. It applies blue and dries white for added waterproofing and energy-efficiency.

PERMA SEAL™ is a single component, styrene acrylic sealer & roof coating. It provides a White Finish which lowers the temperature to the interior of homes, industrial and commercial buildings. PERMA SEAL™will not crack or peel despite severe weather or joint movement. It has a silicone additive for more waterproofing capabilities than traditional elastomeric coatings.

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