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Roof Coatings USA
Applicator/Distributor = Low Prices & Long Term Labor & Material Warranties
We can Restore Your Flat, Shingle, Gravel or Metal Roof to New!
Our systems prevent the need to tear-off your existing roof. Save $$$
For 3 Decades Applying Waterproof Roof Coatings Nationwide
Nearly 50 Years as a Premier Painting Contractor
Our Systems Immediately Stop All Leaks - Guaranteed!
Need a Re-coat? Contact Us  - Get a New Warranty & Piece of Mind


For nearly 50 years, we have distinguished ourselves as being one of the premier painting and roof coating contractors in the United States. Since 1970, we have completed projects and solved the building maintenance needs of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, small/medium sized businesses, churches and homeowners throughout the country with great success. We also stand behind our work 100%.


Seal Your Roof Before Winter

Save up to $5000!!!

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We Restore Flat, Shingle and Metal Roofs

Our Roof Coating Systems Immediately Stop All Leaks

Our Warranties Include Both Labor and Materials

Nationwide Coverage

We've been applying Sherwin-Williams paints for nearly 50 years.

Project of the Month
Our Vision
21st Century Roof Solutions 

Roof Coatings USA and our affiliate were proud to have been selected to restore two roofs at one of our America's treasured historical museums.

Project was completed October, 2019

Our vision is the same as it was when we started in 1970 - satisfying the needs of our customers with prompt and proven solutions. To also create opportunities and employ individuals with meaningful employment.

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Once the job is complete, pay the balance in three equal monthly installments in 30 day increments. The first installment is due 30 days after completion.